100 wc#15

If I could have one wish, I wish to have another savannah monitor. I have one already her name is Princess Fiona and we think she is around 6 months old. Savannah Monitor’s need lots of exercise and play time. If Princess Fiona had a friend they would be able to play together. It would […]

100 WC#11

The best form of transportation is probable the rocket train because its fast and doesn’t use much fuel to run. Since it doesn’t use a lot of fuel, it doesn’t cause a lot of pollution. The way we travel harms the planet by causing pollution. Pollution from exhaust causes dirty air. No I do not […]

100 wc #12

Does climate change make any difference to me? Yes, I live in Colorado and climate change is affecting us right now. This is the longest that their hasn’t been snow at the Denver airport ever. My family lives in the mountains and with no snow and rain from climate change forest fires can happen. That […]

100 WC #13

If the ice caps completely melted it wouldn’t be good. Polar bears and penguins could go extinct. Others animals like seals and fish could also have a hard time finding food. Some islands and states with oceans could start flooding because the ice has melted and turned into water. That could cause people to lose […]

100 WC #14

At 10 I already know that climate change is challenging. Being green can be hard. We need to start saving our planet now by being responsible with our trash and recycling more. We need to find better ways to recycle. We can participate in programs like Team Seas that help clean up the ocean. I […]

100WC #10

This weeks 100 WC is a picture of a power plant in the smokestack giving out smoke. They asked me how this picture makes me feel. It makes me sad to see that much smoke in the air. In some places power plants use cold and the smoke is actually steam. There’s a lot of […]

100WC #7

There are a lot of fires in Colorado. I live in the mountains and there’s a lot of fires near us. Some of the fires have been started by people who are being careless. My family has been evacuated twice from fires. Fires spreads and they burn down houses. When fires burn down houses people […]

Wee #5

Dr. Jeff the scientist built a growth ray. Called the upsizer. While playing with it in his room he accidentally shot his wife’s sunglasses. They grew so big they broke the house in half. His wife was so happy because she could sell them on eBay for $1 million. Dr. Jeff had to clean off […]

Week #6

Scientists all over the world are concerned with climate change. We need more green space to produce more oxygen. The earth is getting more hot. species are getting Overwhelmed over climate change. We need to learn to recycle more. we can make more electric cars. We need to eat more fruits and vegetables. We need […]

100wc #4

I would like to go fishing but the river bed is dry. I have never seen the river dry. It’s been so hot I would like to swim in the river But I can’t because it’s dry. I wonder if the beavers built a dam? There is a family of beavers that live upstream. If […]