100WC 30

A woman was ironing her clothes. She placed the iron on the wood burning stove to warm the iron up. When she was done ironing her clothes, she let the iron cool down and she used it to keep her door open. It was a nice and warm day outside so she kept the front […]

100wc 29

There was man working in a concrete office building. One day at work the man got hungry and decided to leave the building to go get lunch. While looking for somewhere to eat the man saw a revolving diner sign and wanted to eat there. When he walked into the diner he saw a server […]


The building shook and then kaboom it all came dawn. They were demolishing a old building to build a new skyrise. The new skyrise would be 59 stories tall. It was going to have fancy new apartments with a 59 story slide. The old building had water damage and it wasn’t holding up well. The […]

100wc #27

While digging a small cave for materials, two construction workers found the largest snail ever. They spent the next few months digging a bigger hole for the snail to come out. They put the snail on a large leaf to measure it. The snail was 5ft by 2ft. The largest snail in the whole wide […]


I was playing baseball at the park with my friends. We were just practicing. I hit the ball so hard that it broke a car window. Every one was scared but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. The car belonged to my friends mom. She saw that it was an accident so she […]


In the town I live in everyone believes in Bigfoot. People have stickers on their cars that say I believe with a picture of Bigfoot. My friends and I were playing at the park one day when we saw Bigfoot wrap his arms around the big tree at the park. We saw him peek around […]


The gentle white octopus is swimming deep in the ocean. His tentacles move like they are springing back and forth. I think the tentacles feel like little sticky hands and are very strong. Maybe an octopus can play the piano with his tentacles. He would have to get a waterproof piano under the ocean. I […]

100 wc #18

I found this cool old key while walking to school. I think it might go to something that still exists. Maybe it goes to military base underground. I think there is military equipment, food and water. Maybe there is old computers with top secret military information on them. Or maybe the key goes to an […]

100 wc #17

The Yellow taxi drove the family to the airport. The plane was delayed because it had rained heavily. They were excited to go on their trip but had to wait until it had stopped raining, They couldn’t wait to see the great big waterfalls in Niagara Falls. They went to New York a lot, but […]

100 wc #16

“It’s not like last year” he thought, because craft day is cancelled. Last year we did one and we did them years before, but this year we had a snow day and craft day was cancelled. I like craft day because I craft things for my mom and dad. My little brother got to do […]