100 wc#15

If I could have one wish, I wish to have another savannah monitor. I have one already her name is Princess Fiona and we think she is around 6 months old. Savannah Monitor’s need lots of exercise and play time. If Princess Fiona had a friend they would be able to play together. It would be nice for Princess Fiona to have a friend so she won’t be lonely too. Baby Savannah Monitors would be really cute too. I would really like to take care of them. Everyone could call me the monitor guy.

One thought on “100 wc#15

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand Ryder.

    Well I had to look up Mrs Google to check out the savannah monitor! It was what I thought it was, and I agree that it would be a good thing for Princess Fiona to have a friend! Nice story!
    Ms M #100WC

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